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Japanese warning

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Yesterday, the Japanese dictionary explained about the warning sign you see in a Japan’s elavator. Those Japanese symbols are used particularly for letting people to know a door in front of them. So they are normally used where an automatic door is used. Today, on the other hand, the ordinally warning is going to be added into our Japanese dictionary. These Japanese symbols are written in kanji characters and they are called Kei Koku. Next to the Japanese kanji symbols, there is a ! mark in a rectangular. That is also the sign of warning which is quite often used in Japan. Although it is black and white, the symbol is colored in yellow.

The first kanji symbol means warning and the second symbol means to tellin Japanese. By combining individual kanji word, it become the warning sign. This method of writting is called kanji compound.

In Japanese language, the method is used quite often when writting words in Japanese kanji.

So we will these Japanese symbols into our Japanese dictionally.

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